It’s like Algerian power belongs to a world other than ours! (From British History Books)

With quick information from Algeria’s bright history
If we travel 340 years to the past, we will find Algeria governed by one of Algeria’s bravest rulers in history, Baba Hassan. At the beginning of his reign, the King of the Netherlands sent him a peace treaty to become a secure Netherlands at sea in exchange for the annual payment of a tribute, When French vessels became Dutch-flagged to the Algerian Navy, they asked them for passports with name and seal checks.
Baba Hassan is the only Algerian ruler to declare war against France on 18 October 1681, sending 12 large-size frigates to his mission and a month later they returned with 29 French warships, including the largest French warship at the time, with the famous commander LeGalois on board. They came with it in shackle and sold it as a slave in Algeria’s markets and bought it by sailor Ali Rais, who stayed two years in Algeria before selling it with a significant financial guarantee.
To ensure that the Governor of France is subject to his orders, he sent him a group of Algerians and told him to ask you to deliver them to Istanbul as a consignor and return them to Algeria. The French King was only able to enforce the orders of Algerian Governor Baba Hassan.

A year later, France tried to react, but bombed the capital with naval guns, hitting homes and killing civilians, further resurrecting Algerian seafarers on everything that was French in the Mediterranean.
In 1682, King Charles II of Britain signed an agreement with Baba Hassan. And this Convention is the most insulting to Britain in its entire history, Because the King recognized that his compatriots were slaves in Algeria at Algerians and that agreement remained in force with King James II and King George II until 1729, when the era of industrial development came in Europe where they made bombs, guns and powerful weapons and wanted to abolish that agreement but said: Who would appreciate Algeria? As is literally written in the history books, they said, “Algeria’s power belongs to a world other than ours.

At the time of Baba Hassan’s rule, all European countries bought peace with Algeria with exorbitant funds, including: France, Portugal, Venice, Spain, Denmark, Naples and even America, which Baba Hassan demanded an annual price and which he did not require on others, estimated at $ 721 thousand per year, as the treasury of Algeria during Baba Hassan’s rule contained a million pounds.
Rahmatullah Baba Hassan, who died in Algiers in july1683, currently named after a municipality of Algiers.
I hope this research will add to your historical information.

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